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Are you looking for colleges and universities that offer accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees that you can earn online? Then you have come to the right place. You can begin right now by using the college finder at the top of the page to request detailed information about colleges and universities that offer accredited degrees online. Simply select the degree level, the degree category, and the subject of interest and click Find Now.

 Accredited Online College Degrees



Once you have gathered detailed information about one or more schools of interest you can begin your selection process in earnest.  If you haven’t requested the detailed information about online colleges yet, do that first as mentioned above.  The next step in evaluating potential schools is to verify their accreditation.  Accreditation is a review process performed by an independent agency to access a school’s ability to meet certain academic standards.  To read more about the types of college accreditation and what they mean see  Accredited Online Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Programs.

Accelerating your education

You can earn your degree more quickly and in some cases more cheaply by properly accelerating your education.  There are three complementary methods to earn your degree more quickly.  The first is to get transfer credit for any current education that you already have.  The second is to take advantage of what you already know by earning online college credit for courses by simply passing CLEP exams.  The third method is to take accelerated online classes that pack more credit hours of work in a given amount of time.  To learn more about how to accelerate your education see Accelerated Online Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs.

Financing & Scholarships

The next step in evaluating an online school is to research the financing and scholarships available while attending the school.  It’s important to enroll in an on line college or university where it’s easy to borrow the money for tuition from both government and private sources and that offer scholarships and grants.  For more information about college financing and scholarships visit Financial Aid, Grants, Scholarships & Loans for Online Colleges.

Checklist for Earning an Online Degree

For a more detailed checklist of the steps to earn a degree online see Steps to Getting your Online Education.


Continued Learning

Although many people typically focus on degrees, and form of online learning can be valuable. Two examples illustrate this point. By taking some online courses about home improvement, you put yourself in a position where you can renovate your home or work for others, earning some real value and increasing your income potential. there won’t be any associated degrees, but your income increases.
Similarly, if you take some time to learn about topics that relate to your every day life, such as car insurance, you can save money, which correlates nicely to an increased income. For example, there is much information regarding car insurance, including how it works, what affects your auto insurance rates, how very expensive or really cheap car insurance can be, and what you can do to increase your coverage or decrease your premiums. One caution on learning about these types of things: there are many websites that claim to provide quality information about cheap auto insurance quotes, but in reality, they are simply advocating their own single company or affiliate’s coverage. It is far better to go to a site that teaches about Cheap Car Insurance Quotes from an objective viewpoint, often including information from more than one company. Some, like the one listed above even have information about the conditions of car insurance in the particular state or region in which you live, and can provide serious benefits to those truly seeking to learn
For these reasons, and thousands more, don’t forget to always keep learning. Whether you get a degree or not, learning of all kinds is the door through which opportunity often passes. Don’t ever stop learning, and eventually better opportunities will come your way!


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